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What is the English Access Program?

TanSAO, sponsored by US embassy in Tanzania, is conducting an Access English Program for Tanzanian students from Kisarawe Secondary School, at International School of Tanganyika(IST)—Masaki.  

English Language specialist, Gretchen Coppedge, together with six other teachers will be assisting students to achieve the intended goal. Samuel Killewo and Kimberly Mihayo being one of them, are TanSAO students who are studying at Harvard College in USA.

This program started on 13th june 2011 and it will end on 8th July 2011, whereby the students are expected to have increased their ability to participate successfully in socio-economic development in Tanzania and participate in future U.S exchange and study programs. 

By the end of the program, trainees will have: enhanced their macro language skills, reinforced their basic grammatical knowledge, enhanced their academic language skills, developed language skills called basic interpersonal communication, built confidence to express themselves in English, increased their vocabulary power, increased their analytical skills and developed knowledge of processing skills.

Assisting teachers: Charange, Deo, and Sam (in back from left to right) and Gloria, Kimberly, and Grace (in front).


Gloria with some of the students planning a dance presentation

Sam and his group practicing theirs. 


Some of the boys enjoying a relaxing moment after lunch.

Kimberly working with some of the boys on their English skills.