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 TanSAO congratulates everyone accepted at a University

Harvard University

  • Sarah Odunga
    Haven of Peace Academy / St Francis
  • Kennedy Mmasi
    International School Moshi

Yale University

  • Khadija Abdullah
    Aga Khan Mzizima
  • Eno Inyangete
     The Cheltenham Ladies college
  • Iain Usiri
    St Andrews Turi

Cornell Univeristy

  • Devang Dave
    Isamilo International School
  • Iain Usiri
    St Andrews Turi

Columbia University

  • Etsub Ketema
    Haven of Peace Academy

Grinnell College

  • Gloria Magege
    Capstone Christian Academy

Duke University

  • Wolfgang Seiya
    International School Moshi

Bucknell University

  • Samriddha Roy
    Indian School Dar Es Salaam

Florida Institue of Technology

  • Francis Kijezia
    Haven of Peace Academy

 Colgate University

  • Deogratius Magege
    Capstone Christian Academy
  • Salome Kiduko
    Marian Girls' High school/International School Moshi
  • Iain Usiri
    St Andrews Turi

Tufts University

  • Sai R.S.M Grandhi
    Aga Khan Mzizima
  • Walter Rweyemamu
    Haven of Peace Academy

St Olaf College

  • Randra Rabemahefa
    Haven of Peace Academy

Wartburg College

  • Evelyne Mcharo
    Marian Girls' High School

Lehigh University

  • Kawsar Hooda
    Isamilo International School
Macalester College
  • Zahrah Shakur
    Isamilo International School
US Naval Academy
  • Matthew Cox
    Haven of Peace Academy
Memorial University
  • Alphaeus Kisusi
Middlebury College
  • Priscilla Makundi
    International School Moshi



 2012 Regular Decision Acceptances

Congratulations to Iain Usiri (St Andrews Turi) for being accepted at Yale, Stanford, Wharton School of Bussiness (UPen), Cornell, Princeton, Colgate and Pamona
Congratulations to Norma Shindika (Dar Independant School) for being accepted at Mount Holyoke College

Congratulations to Mohamed Abbas Roshanali (Shaban Roberts) for being accepted at University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Univeristy 
Congratulations to Amani Kibola from Aga Khan Mzizima for being accepted at ST. Olaf College  
Congratulations to Mark Mlella from Aga Khan Mzizima and St. Joseph's Millennium for being accepted at Trinity University, Union College and Memorial University (Canada)  

2012 Early Decision Acceptances

Congratulations to Samriddha Roy (Indian School Dar es Salaam) for his early acceptance at Bucknell University with his full financial needs met.
Congratulations to Sarah Odunga(St Francis Girls School/Haven of Peace Academy) [left] and Kennedy Mmasi (International School Moshi) for their early acceptance at Harvard University
Congratulations to Khadija Abdullah(Aga Khan Mzizima) [Left] and Eno Inyangete (The Cheltenham Ladies college) for their early acceptance at Yale University
Congratulations to Devang Dave(Isamilo International School Mwanza ) for his early acceptance at Cornell University.


Congratulations to Etsub Ketema (Haven of Peace Academy) for his early acceptace at Columbia University with his full financial needs met

Congratulations to Deogratius Magege (Capstone Christian Academy)[left] and Salome Kiduko (Marian Girls Secondary School/International School Moshi) for their early acceptance at Colgate University
Congratulations to Evelyne Mcharo (Marian Girls Secondary School) for her Early Acceptance at Wartburg College

Congratulations to Gloria Magege(Capstone Christian Academy) for her early acceptance at Grinnell College.

Congratulations to Francis Kijazi (Haven of Peace Academy) for his early acceptance at Florida Institute of Technology
Congratulations to Wolfgang Seiya (International School Moshi) for his early acceptance at Duke University

Congratulations to Sai R.S.M Grandhi (Agakhan Mzizima School) for his early acceptance at Tufts University
Congratulations to Kawsar Hooda (Isamilo International School Mwanza) for his Early Acceptance at Lehigh University
Congratulations to Alphaeus Kisusi [Right] for receiving a full tuition scholarship to Memorial University in Canada to play basketball and to study for 4 years. Alphaeus was selected by University Coach Benoite during a Basketball camp in Dar es Salaam co-sponsored by TanSAO this past June. Alphaeus is shown here after just arriving in Canada in January with one of his new basketball team-mates. Best wishes to Alphaeus from TanSAO.
Congratulations to Priscilla Makundi(International School Moshi) for her Early Decision II acceptance at Middleburry College

Congratulations to Walter Rweyemamu (Haven of Peace Academy) for his Early Decision II acceptance at Tufts University