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Tanzania Student Achievement Organization(TanSAO) specializes in helping students seek admission to Universities and Colleges in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, China, Malaysia, Mauritius and South Africa. Each country has its own process for applications and standards that need to be met. This can make the experience of looking for and getting into the ideal school for you, or your son or daughter very daunting. TanSAO was formed to walk alongside you through this process. More about Sky.pro

Congratulations @2015:

Calvin Marambo - Harvard University.

Calvin is off to Harvard

Calvin Marambo from Ilboru High School accepted to Harvard University with a full scholarship!

Calvin has been working at TanSAO for the past year tutoring students on ACT (Math and Science) as well as SAT subject tests. He has dedicated his gap year to guide other students in their applications to ensure that they too get acceptances to universities of their fit.

We are very delighted to have Calvin Marambo and wish him all the best as he goes to Harvard.

Yabework Abebe - Cornell University.

Yabe to Cornell

Yabework Abebe from Nairobi Academy accepted to Cornell University.

Timmothy Yona - University of Pennsylvania.

Timothy Yona to UPenn.

Timothy Yona from International School Moshi (ISM) accepted to the University of Pennsylvania.

Ashna Singh - Clark , Northeastern, and New York University.

You go girl!

Ashna Singh from International School Moshi (ISM) accepted to Clark University, Northeastern University and New York University.

Everything about the college application process seems impossible until it's done. From several essay drafts to filling in an endless list of monotonous forms. Once you get that acceptance letter, everything was definitely worth it.

Anna-Maria - Trinity University.

Anna-maria to Trinity

Anna-maria Nderimo from Feza Girls' School accepted to Trinity University.

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