About TanSAO

TanSAO is an NGO created to provide a varied number of services for young people and their families in Tanzania.Currently, our main focus is to serve as a resource center to assist secondary school students in finding, preparing for, and acquiring admission to top institutions worldwide. We also work with them to identify and apply for financial aid when needed. The organization’s resource center provides free access to university materials and information, as well as assisting students with registration for SAT, SAT Subject, TOEFL and ACT exams. Once registered for these exams, students are then provided with free practice exam materials, as well as advice as to where and how to seek further exam preparation if desired.

Mikael Aweda, Executive Director of Counseling, and his wife Elinami are the inspiration behind the formation of TanSAO. Having received a private scholarship to attend the University of Dar es Salaam, Mikael is very aware of the need for and potential of TanSAO's work in Tanzania.


The following are TanSAO Staff members who work together hand in hand to make sure that, our prospective students get admitted to Universities abroad.

Daryl Rustad

Director of Counseling

Elaine Wamba

Head of Tutoring

Moussa Mattaka

Associate Director of Counseling

Ayesha Remtula


Hennessey Hennessey


Paschal Giki

Student Tutor

Alex Elifas

Student Counselor, IT Consultant

Lesian Elias

Student Tutor